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Defimedica was established in Switzerland. We have the purpose to carefully handpick and transmit the best possible solutions to our clients and partners. Defimedica has a presence all over Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The products distributed by Defimedica systematically meet a high-quality requirement which, in turn, drives the designated products to become frontrunners in their markets -positioning Defimedica as one of the leaders of purification consumables across Europe.

official distributor

Since 2019, Defimedica is proud to be Repligen Corp's official European distributor and agent. In 2021 both companies decided to further cement this collaboration into a multi-annual and long-lasting agreement. In 2022, Repligen broaden their trust by choosing Defimedica as their official distributor for the Middle East and Africa.



Hyaluronic acid field.

Defimedica partners with innovation boosters in the fields of Hyaluronic acid and Chitosan, Falgagen. Defimedica and Falgagen have joined forces to tackle the many difficulties faced in the production of Hyaluronic acid. This collaboration aims to facilitate the process to all clients as well allowing them to reach a highly efficient and economical production process. This collaboration will be beneficial to many established, as well as, newly incorporated companies in the field of Hyaluronic Acid.

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