Biotech CE dialysis tubing

Biologically inert and ultra-pure, SpectraPor® Biotech CE Dialysis Membrane provides superior molecular selectivity and is available in the largest selection of 9 concise MWCO's ranging from 0.1 – 1,000 kD, whether purifying small MW solutes or isolating large macromolecules or nanoparticles. Biotech CE membrane generally tolerates weak or dilute acids & bases and mild alcohols and is compatible with pH 2-9 and temp 4-37 °C. Exposure to most organic solvents is not recommended and should be confirmed on the Repligen Chemical Compatibility table. Simply soak and rinse in DI water, apply Universal Tubing Closures and load sample.


Features & benefits

High purity for critical and GMP dialysis - no heavy metals or sulfides
Rigidly controlled porosity for better selectivity & separations.
No interference with macromolecular activity & function.
No glycerin removal and no pretreatment required.
Available in rolled tubing for economy and trial kits for evaluation.

Typical Dialysis Applications for Biotech CE

Salt removal and HPLC sample preparation
pH change, buffer exchange and final formulation
Purification of Protein, DNA, plasmids, macromolecules, nanoparticles and liposomes
Polymer synthesis and isolation (polypeptide, oligonucleotide, polysaccharide)
Biopolymer and hydrogel purification (hyaluronic acid, collagen, chitosan)
Large volume and GMP batch process dialysis
Enzyme activity and ligand binding studies
Drug dissolution and controlled release studies
DNA and Protein electroelution

Product specifications

Choose the right membranes by checking 
the Chemical Compatibility Table and the Pore Size Chart.

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