SpectraPor® (7)
PREWETTED - Standard RC dialysis tubing

Repligen provides a high purity, clean Standard Grade Regenerated Cellulose (RC) dialysis tubing that has been pre-treated for more critical applications that could be negatively impacted by the presence of trace heavy metals, sulfur compounds and membrane adherent impurities.

SpectraPor® 7 RC dialysis tubing is chemically treated to specifically minimize the heavy metals and sulfur compound impurities inherent to all regenerated cellulose membranes that could otherwise interfere with protein function, enzyme activity or molecular purity. SpectraPor® 7 is packaged wet in a 0.05% sodium azide solution and only requires a quick rinse to remove the preservative. All Standard Grade RC membranes carry no fixed charge, exhibits low adsorption and have good chemical compatibility with concentrated-weak or diluted-strong acids and bases, most alcohols and some organic solvents, while tolerating pH 2 - 12 and temperature 4 - 121° C. Compatibility to specific solvents should be confirmed on the Repligen Chemical Compatibility Table.


Features & benefits

Pre-treated to minimize membrane impurities
Available in large range of MWCO’s
Good chemical compatibility and operating conditions tolerance
Minimal glycerin content
Available in rolled tubing and trial kits for evaluation.

Typical Dialysis Applications for dry standard RC

Salt removal and HPLC sample preparation
pH change, buffer exchange and final formulation
Removal of urea, surfactants and small MW impurities
Purification of Protein, DNA, plasmids, macromolecules, nanoparticles and liposomes
Polymer synthesis and isolation (polypeptide, oligonucleotide, polysaccharide)
Enzyme activity and ligand binding studies
Organic solvent dialysis

Product specifications

Choose the right membranes by checking 
the Chemical Compatibility Table and the Pore Size Chart.

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