Tubing closures

Available in three functional types, SpectraPor® Tubing Closures are intended for use with Regenerated Cellulose (RC) dialysis tubing to ensure a leak-proof seal. These closures are not recommended for use with Cellulose Ester (CE).

SpectraPor® Closures are designed with tight-gripping seal ridges that provide a reliable leak-proof seal for thin-walled and more flexible dialysis tubing. These closures should be used only with RC and low MWCO (=< 20 kD) CE dialysis tubing. For best results, select a pair of closures that has a sealing width 4 to 10 mm longer than the flat width of the dialysis tubing to ensure a proper seal. Made from polypropylene (PP) material, the compatibility of SpectraPor® Closures with specific solvents should be confirmed on the Repligen Chemical Compatibility table.

SpectraPor® Closures are available in three functional types for improved dialysis efficiency: Standard, Weighted and Magnetic.

type closure

SpectraPor® Standard Closures float and aid in sample buoyancy when applied to the top-end of the dialysis tubing; autoclavable and available in a variety of colors for easy sample identification.

type closure

SpectraPor® Weighted Closures have an encased stainless-steel bar for additional weight. When applied to the end of the dialysis tubing, the end turns downward to ensure a vertical orientation while providing a leak-proof seal.

Paired (Standard & Weighted)

SpectraPor® Paired Closures combines 10 standard and 10 weighted closures for dialysis convenience. Optimal sample buoyancy and vertical orientation can be achieved by applying both a Standard and a Weighted closure to opposite ends of the same dialysis tubing.

type closure

SpectraPor® Magnetic-Weighted Closures contain a magnetic fluorocarbon coated stainless steel bar, eliminating the need for conventional stir bars. Applied to the bottom end of the dialysis tubing, this closure provides complete sample submersion and rotation on a stir plate.

Product specifications

Choose the right membranes by checking 
the Chemical Compatibility Table and the Pore Size Chart.

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