Dialysis membranes

Dialysis membranes from Repligen include biotech-grade, standard-grade and custom membranes that can be used in both lab-scale and process-scale operations.

Repligen’s SpectraPor® membranes offer the largest selection of molecular porous dialysis tubing and membrane products to meet the diverse requirements for a myriad of dialysis applications. Only Repligen provides dialysis membrane in Standard Grade and Biotech Grade, as well as 2 polymer chemistry-types, Regenerated Cellulose (RC) and Cellulose Ester (CE).

Standard Grade RC Membrane

Since all “Standard Grade” Regenerated Cellulose (RC) membrane is produced by an industrywide process that introduces trace levels of heavy metals and sulfide impurities, these economical and versatile membranes are intended for general and less critical applications in which these impurities are negligible. Only Repligen’s SpectraPor Standard Grade RC membrane is available in 3 treatment types and 2 configurations for both lab-scale and large volume dialysis.

Biotech Grade Membrane

Repligen’s high purity Biotech Grade dialysis membranes are made in a cleanroom environment using a proprietary process free of sulfur compounds and heavy metals. Since they do not contain trace levels of these impurities and do not need special cleaning or treatment, Biotech Grade membranes are preferred for more critical lab-scale and GMP dialysis applications. Biotech Grade Dialysis Tubing is available in 2 cellulosic polymer types: Cellulose Ester (CE) and Regenerated Cellulose (RC).


Biotech CE ready-to-use-dialysis device

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